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Radical Ventures expands leadership team, adds partner in San Francisco (BETAKIT)

The firm’s portfolio includes self-driving startup Waabi, which emerged from stealth this June with over $100 million CAD in initial capital.


MCI Onehealth logo

How tech can promote a collaborative, patient-centric approach in healthcare

“Innovation is not just about technology. It’s the mechanism by which you organize and sequence how you actually deliver healthcare, and how to actually understand the patient-doctor relationship.”

In an interview with BetaKit, Saleema Khimji, the Chief Innovation Officer at MCI Onehealth, shared how the current siloed ecosystem of researchers, governments, and private sector companies can fail patients – and why a new patient-centric model based on collaboration needs technology to thrive.


Alibaba leads $300 million investment into Chinese autonomous driving start-up DeepRoute.ai (CNBC)

Alibaba has led investments worth more than $300 million into Chinese autonomous driving start-up DeepRoute.ai.

Following Series A raise, Medchart adds VP of product design to support product development, expansion (BETAKIT)

“When you look at [Medchart’s] mission, when we think about being able to essentially impact lives, save lives, build a business that helps entrepreneurs build their business, it’s just super exciting,” Callahan told BetaKit.

Facebook employees flag drug cartels and human traffickers. The company’s response is weak, documents show. (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Employees raised alarms about how the site is used in developing countries, where its user base is already huge and expanding.

CruxOCM secures $7.6 million CAD to bolster automation software for energy sector operations (BETAKIT)

After attracting some early customers and achieving strong product-market fit, CruxOCM plans to use the fresh capital to bolster the user experience of its software and take its tech to new verticals.

The investigation into Tesla Autopilot’s emergency vehicle problem is getting bigger (THE VERGE)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requesting advanced driver assist data from 12 automakers as it seeks to expand its investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot.

Urbx moves to dismiss Attabotics’ patent infringement claim (BETAKIT)

Boston startup Urbx has filed a motion to dismiss Attabotics’ patent infringement lawsuit, arguing the claims laid out in the Calgary-based robotics supply chain firm’s suit lack merit.

‘Sports Illustrated’ model sues Twitter for $10 million, accusing its algorithm of contributing to copyright infringement (BUSINESS INSIDER)

“Sports Illustrated” model Genevieve Morton has sued Twitter over unauthorized photo use.

Toronto-based Private AI’s language redaction tool attracts $3.15 million in seed funding (BETAKIT)

The company also attracted new investors Shasta Ventures, Hyperplane Venture Capital, and Parliament Angels, a group of early Twilio employees, and Ajay Agrawa, the founder of Creative Destruction Lab.

A horrifying new AI app swaps women into porn videos with a click (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Deepfake researchers have long feared the day this would arrive.

Montreal-based BrainBox AI, American Internet of Things company partner to lower energy consumption in commercial buildings (BETAKIT)

In April 2020, BrainBox raised a $12 million CAD pre-series A round, often used if a startup is unable to raise a Series A round, or if founders are looking to achieve certain milestones, and decide to postpone a Series A financing.

Eyeing opportunities, investors begin looking more closely at deep tech (CRUNCHBASE)

With every new SaaS enterprise platform seeing no end to funding and valuation increases, some investors seem to be looking to the next frontier — or frontier technology — for new opportunities.

OMERS and Vector Institute sign five-year collaboration agreement(BETAKIT)

“Our work with the Vector Institute will enable us to more fully explore and act on opportunities to use machine learning and AI.”

Researchers defeated advanced facial recognition tech using makeup (VICE)

A new study used digitally and physically applied makeup to test the limits of state-of-the-art facial recognition software.

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