Betakit Innovation Leaders

Thank you to all of our BetaKit Innovation Leaders for their support, which goes toward ensuring our journalism remains open and accessible to everyone. Our focus remains increasing our editorial coverage and capabilities to best serve the growing ecosystem from coast to coast across Canada. We will continue introducing exciting new programming and partnership opportunities.

Why join?

Programming Streams

Choose from a valuable set of highly targeted programming from BetaKit’s team and channels, developed over the years to have a positive impact on your initiatives.

Partner Status

Receive ongoing identification on BetaKit’s patron website, as well as regular advertising inserts of our Innovation Leaders program in BetaKit’s newsletters, website, and podcast.

Exclusive Updates

Stay informed on what’s happening with monthly updates from BetaKit’s leadership, including the latest updates, invitations, and curated insights from our coverage.


Startup Networks

BetaKit offers startup media training and advisory on behalf of organizations with portfolios of startups and founders, including incubators, accelerators, investors, and other network-based groups.

Bi-weekly media training presentations from BetaKit editorial leadership, covering a rotation of key topics, delivered virtually with Q&A.

Weekly one-on-one office hour slots with BetaKit editorial staff, for feedback or pitches, bookable in 30-minute slots virtually.

Promote your BetaKit programming to future potential startups and members as a part of your broader value proposition, partnerships, and services.

Event Organizers

BetaKit offers startup and tech-related event and conference marketing, promotion, and advisory to organizations, including professional organizers, regional centres, local hubs, and other event-based groups.

Event advertising and promotion on BetaKit’s flagship properties, delivered quarterly to a highly targeted audience of potential attendees and sponsors.

Content and speaker advisory from BetaKit’s team to identify themes, trends, and leaders to include in your events, plus include BetaKit editorial moderators.

Sponsored event feature published by BetaKit in order to generate awareness, engagement, and conversation for your flagship event in the year ahead.

Ecosystem Members

BetaKit offers ecosystem members of all profiles and sizes a streamlined option for regularly spotlighting and sharing their important community and leadership initiatives in the Canadian tech sector.

Program and brand spotlight on BetaKit’s newsletter and social showcasing your key initiatives, delivered quarterly to our audience of leaders and founders.

Sponsored leadership profile published by BetaKit in order to highlight your position in the ecosystem through the lens of a key thought leader.

Ecosystem advisory from BetaKit’s team annually to help inform and support decisions related to your participation across the ecosystem.

PATRON levels

Join the BetaKit Innovation Leaders as a patron partner by selecting an annual commitment level:


per month

Billed as $2400/year,
payable by invoice or credit card


Partner Status

Exclusive Updates

Contact Us

Options for custom benefits packages, multiple streams, and direct advertising.


Does this impact BetaKit’s editorial coverage and journalism?

No. As an independent media publication, BetaKit takes its journalistic integrity very seriously. Being a patron partner of BetaKit in no way guarantees coverage in our publication, favourable or otherwise, nor influences our journalistic decision making. While organizations that become patrons will often fall within BetaKit’s editorial mandate, this will not change our approach to reporting. In our journalism, we will cover partners in the same way we cover all others.

What happened to the previous Patreon?

BetaKit Innovation Leaders is an evolution of our previous Patreon-based program for organizations. We’re continuing to maintain the individual supporters category through the existing Patreon at this time, while we explore additional long-term opportunities. We’re very grateful for the continued support of these individuals toward BetaKit’s independent journalism.

How do I get started as a BetaKit Innovation Leader?

Please schedule a call with our partnerships team to get started now. We’re excited to continue welcoming new patron partners and expand on our programming streams.