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Dialogue raises $12 million to push employee healthcare service across Canada(BETAKIT)

This is the first Canadian investment for Munich and Berlin-based HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

MediSeen Recommends: Federal gov’t announces winning supercluster proposals (BETAKIT)

“BC’s Digital Technology Supercluster ‘Precision Health’ initiative is led by Shoppers, Telus and two US companies (?) to develop a secure health platform that delivers personalized, leading-edge cancer treatments.”
– Daniel Warner, MediSeen Founder and CEO

Swiss pharma company Roche is buying Flatiron Health for $1.9 billion (TECHCRUNCH)

“This is an important step in our personalised healthcare strategy for Roche, as we believe that regulatory-grade real-world evidence is a key ingredient to accelerate the development of, and access to, new cancer treatments,” said Roche CEO Daniel O’Day.

What if Amazon ran hospitals?(MEDICALFUTURIST)

What if Dr. Alexa offered you the next appointment with your doctor in the Amazon Clinic? What if you could buy your prescription drugs in Amazon’s online pharmacy? What if you could get your personalized plaster cast from the 3D Printing Department?

Fitbit makes acquisition to enhance health care service offerings (FORTUNE)

In an effort to bolster its offerings to health insurers and corporate wellness plans, Fitbit is acquiring health care startup Twine Health, which connects people with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension with coaches and doctors.

Health startup Medopad raises $28 million after striking over $140 million in China deals (CNBC)

The Series A round was led by Hong-Kong listed NWS Holdings, the construction and transport flagship of Chinese corporation New World Development.

How Dialogue became one of Canada’s fastest-growing telemedicine providers (CALGARYHERALD)

According to Dialogue’s CEO, the company is now focused on providing a seamless telehealth solution for all of Canada. They opened an Alberta office a few months ago and will be focusing on expanding both reach and depth of their service over the next year.

Halifax-based Appili Therapeutics raises $4.3 million to develop solutions for antibiotic resistance (BETAKIT)

The company last raised $3.1 million in funding in October 2017.

Neurovascular medical startup Perflow Medical receives $12 million in funding (CTECH)

Perflow develops and manufactures devices for the treatment of neurovascular disorders, including brain aneurysms.

Toronto startup targets medical marijuana with smart device

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is imminent, and Toronto-based startup Resolve Digital Health hopes it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of it with its smart medical device system.

BC testing app to help victims of cardiac arrest (BETAKIT)

The app works by automatically connecting the user to emergency services once activated.

Apple CEO: We can make a ‘significant contribution’ in health care (CNBC)

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up the company’s ambitions in the health-care sector on Tuesday, hinting that it will move beyond wellness apps and devices, like its step-tracking Apple Watch.

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