Aislelabs announces new Payment Wi-Fi feature for retail enterprises

Aislelabs - Payment Wi-Fi

Toronto-based Wi-Fi marketing and retail analytics startup Aislelabs has announced a new Payment WiFi feature, aiming to help businesses monetize their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Asilelabs’ Payment WiFi will allow businesses to charge customers for Wi-Fi access based on duration, data usage, and bandwidth allocation. Time duration is used to limit the amount of free access to a connected Wi-Fi user before the user is directed to the business’s splash page to buy an access code for additional time.

Data usage limits enable sites to ask users for a premium once the connected users consume the allocated amount of data. Users who are streaming videos or playing games online, for example, would consume a higher data share. Sites can limit the download or upload speed of the Wi-Fi, and users have the option of upgrading to a faster Wi-Fi service for a price.

Payment WiFi will allow businesses to charge their customers for Wi-Fi access based on duration, data usage, and bandwidth.

The new feature allows businesses to set up paid Wi-Fi plans and discount codes to create custom packages with varied pricing tiers, in desired currencies, as well as different validity periods.

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Aislelabs claims that its analytics capabilities will allow brick-and-mortar businesses to create real-time reports using metrics broken down by date, site location, and user profile. Chart visualization helps enterprises keep a track of revenue generated from prepaid transactions. The company said its service integrates natively with all major hardware providers.

Founded in 2013, Aislelabs offers Wi-Fi location marketing, advertising and analytics platforms for multinational shopping centre developers, international airports, retail chains and global brands. In 2014, the company raised $1.5 million in venture capital from IAF, Rho Ventures, Salesforce Inc. and a number of angel investors. It also partnered with Toronto-based self-serve programmatic ad buying platform SiteScout to retarget in-store customers on desktop, mobile, video and social media channels.

Its Connect product also provides marketing capabilities to medium size businesses across the food and beverage, retail and public venue industries. Aislelabs Engage is its cloud-based offering allowing marketers to segment and target customers based on behaviour inside retail locations. It also offers predictive intelligence analytics and customer identity management.

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