Toronto-based startups get physical on #TheDisruptors

The Disruptors

As people continue to choose the Internet for services like shopping and research, it would seem that the online experience is being favoured over the physical. But if the pitches from Toronto-based startups on BNN’s The Disruptors this week are any indication, technology will only enhance the physical experience.

Aislelabs uses cloud-based technology to turn brick-and-mortar stores into “smart” stores, allowing them to gather analytics on the behaviour of their customers and employ location-based marketing using Wi-Fi and beacons. “We collect data from the physical space and allow someone to analyze the results using our own big data analytics infrastructure,” said Nick Young, CEO of Aislelabs. “As a second step, there is also a mobile component in which clients can interact with our software through their mobile devices.”

Quantum Capture is attempting to create a more immersive virtual world with its technology. The company’s service provides 3D scanning of the physical world and digitizing it for virtual reality. “Quantum Capture has pioneered a very elaborate camera system which involves placing over 120 DSLR cameras in a giant array; a sphere that essentially looks in on itself,” said Morgan Young, creative director at Quantum Capture. “With one button we can trigger the cameras to fire off simultaneously to capture a subject in high resolution from head to toe.” Currently, Quantum Capture is working with gaming studios and television production houses.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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