An Online and Offline Marriage: SiteScout and Aislelabs Join Forces So Retailers Can Fully Target Customer Behaviour

Toronto’s real-time in-store marketing startup Aislelabs has partnered with Toronto-based self-serve programmatic ad buying platform SiteScout. The two startups will now offer retailers the ability to not only target customers browsing the shelves via in-store customer analytics and mobile marketing automation (that’s what Aislelabs does), but now they’ll actually be able to retarget those customers on desktop, mobile, video and social media channels via the SiteScout platform.

For Aislelabs, its leveraging its “Engage” product, which allows retailers to transform their outlets into “smart stores”. Engage lets retailers to easily create marketing messages using an intuitive template-based UI, deliver real-time push notifications to shoppers as they walk inside or near your stores and it lets them use a cloud-based intelligence engine to personalize messages based on millions of data points about individual shopper profiles, precise locations, and store traffic flow.

Meanwhile on the online side, online display advertising efforts from retailers are typically disconnected from in-store customer visits. Traditionally, marketers targeted shoppers in digital channels solely based on their online behaviour. Now, a retailer using Aislelabs Engage with its mobile app can use SiteScout’s RTB platform to retarget the same person on the web, on their smartphone or tablet, and on social channels such as Facebook. Ads can be customized to fit the specific needs of customers, and then delivered in real-time. For example, a potential customer perusing shoes in a department store can be sent an ad for a shoe promotion or a recommendation for suitable accessories.

“By leveraging SiteScout’s RTB Platform, Aislelabs is using mobile devices to tie offline behaviour with online advertising to drive purchases,” said SiteScout’s Matt Sauls. “Seeing the multitude of ways that our platform is enabling 3rdparty technologies really confirms that our vision is coming to fruition. We’ve built one of the most comprehensive and unrestricted programmatic ad platforms, connected it to every major digital channel and data source, and made the whole thing accessible via API. It is now possible for innovators like Aislelabs to leverage our infrastructure in groundbreaking ways, which is very exciting.”

“At Aislelabs, our vision has always been to connect online and offline customer behaviour,” added Aislelabs CEO Nick Koudas.” Through this new offering with SiteScout, we are one step closer to making this vision a reality. The concept of retargeting in-store visitors, once they are online, fills a gap in the market and we are very excited to explore it further with SiteScout. By doing this, we are moving towards a more holistic understanding of customer behaviour, enabling retailers to finally close the loop and deliver more effective advertising.”

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