Toronto’s Aislelabs Raises $1.5 Million, Provides Intelligent In-Store Marketing via the Cloud

Toronto-based startup Aislelabs has raised $1.5 million in venture capital from IAF, Rho Ventures, Salesforce Inc. and a number of angel investors.

Aislelabs is a technology company that assists retailers to increase sales through the power of big data analytics. It helps clients understand customer traffic patterns and behaviour inside and outside their physical stores “in ways never before possible.”

“Our company has been primarily self funded until now and we’ve been able to fully develop and test our products,” said cofounder Nick Koudas. “The funds will help us accelerate our marketing and sales efforts as well as enable us to create the right partnerships and integrations.”

Our vision is to connect the online and offline customer journey in a seamless way.

With three locations in Toronto, New York and Seattle, Aislelabs processed 6 billion data points in February to understand in-store behavior across several million visitor sessions.

Aislelabs’ has built a cloud infrastructure that collects millions of data points from brick and mortar stores, and uses machine-learning techniques to automatically deliver targeted and personalized marketing in real-time. It’s all about trying to provide the same level of sophistication to offline retailers as their online counterparts have, to understand and target the shopper.

The company’s cloud infrastructure gathers data points from WiFi based analytics, POS systems, weather, staff schedules, email marketing, and internal CRM systems. All data collected is processed in real-time to identify “high-value shoppers”, allowing the store to target personalized marketing. “We provide a true marketing automation platform for the real world,” said the company.

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The in-store marketing is delivered by real-time emails while in the vicinity of the store and push mobile notifications utilizing iBeacon proximity. Any app can integrate with the company’s cloud in minutes to enable push notification marketing.

Aislelabs serves retail chains, shopping malls, boutique retailers, restaurants & cafes, event venues and public spaces of all sizes.

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