Waterloo-based North’s Focals AR smart glasses now feature Slack integration

It seems Waterloo-based North is adding new features to its Focals smart glasses rather quickly. The latest new functionality to hit the wearable is Slack message integration.

According to a recent tweet from North, Slack messages will now appear on Focals. Users are also able to mark messages as ‘read,’ set a reminder to respond in 20 minutes and respond with pre-created ‘Smart Replies.’

In order to enable the feature on the Focals, navigate to ‘Abilities’ and tap the ‘Slack’ slider. Next, sign into your Slack workspace.

Slack integration is part of Focals new ‘version 1.95’ update. I just got my hands on a pair of Focals and will have more on the Canadian-made notification-focused smart glasses up on MobileSyrup in the coming weeks.

Image courtesy MobileSyrup. Originally published on MobileSyrup


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