Today in board additions: William Mougayar joins Kin Foundation’s board of directors, Joule appoints Deepak Kaura as board chair

William Mougayar

This week, two Canadian organizations have announced new board members. Here’s the latest on these company updates.

Former Ethereum Foundation advisor William Mougayar joins Kin Foundation’s board of directors

The Kin Foundation, KiK’s non-profit governance body overseeing the Kin cryptocurrency, announced that William Mougayar has joined its board of directors.

Mougayar is an investor, researcher, blogger, and author of The Business Blockchain. He is also the founder of The Token Summit Conference and manager of WMX, a cryptocurrency index fund. Mougayar was former advisor of the Ethereum Foundation, and currently serves as an advisor or board member for OpenBazaar, Coin Centre, Steem, Stratumn,, and Bloq. Last year, Mougayar was an advisor for the Kin token distribution event.

“I have been involved with Kin since the early stages of the project in 2017, as it continues along the path to become the cryptocurrency for consumer apps,” said Mougayar. “Kin has a unique value proposition, as it unlocks new growth and monetization strategies for developers, and based on its first integrations, I truly believe that Kin will drive mainstream consumer adoption of cryptocurrency.”

As a board member for the Kin Foundation, Mougayar will advise the foundation on the ecosystem including development of the Kin Rewards Engine, membership, and security.

“I am thrilled for William to join the foundation’s Board of Directors,” said Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of Kik and Kin, and Kin Ecosystem Foundation board member. “As we work towards making Kin the most used cryptocurrency in the world, the foundation and the Kin Ecosystem will directly benefit from his wealth of knowledge, as he continues to be on the cutting edge of the blockchain industry.”

The Kin Foundation focuses on the support and advancement of technology related to Kin’s implementation. In the long term, the foundation plans to fund research and development efforts to support an autonomous reward mechanism.

Last week, the Kin Foundation announced the 40 developers that have been accepted into its inaugural Kin Developer Program.

Joule appoints 1QBit chief medical officer Deepak Kaura as board chair

Ottawa-based Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s subsidiary dedicated to encouraging physicians to adopt innovative technologies, has appointed Dr. Deepak Kaura as the chair of its board of directors.

Kaura is a pediatric radiologist who has launched several tech companies. He recently joined quantum computing software company 1QBit as its chief medical officer. Before that, Kaura worked in Qatar as the executive chair of the Sidra’s Foundational Clinical Services Management Group and created Imagine, an innovation framework that produces intellectual property by crowdsourcing ideas. Kaura has also served as the head of diagnostic imaging at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Kaura will begin his role as chair on September 1, which coincides with the end of the term for current board chair Debbie Fischer.

“Joule has done an exceptional job helping physician innovators bring novel practices into Canadian health care and has stepped in to fill a significant gap,” said Kaura. “I’m eager for the opportunity to work with physicians from across the country as we further push the limits of today’s system and help enhance delivery of care in Canada.”


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