Square now integrated with Bigcommerce and Weebly

Square is commonly known for its dongle that attaches to your smartphone or tablet, or possibly its point of sale terminal. Those both live physically in your office, restaurant, or local business. But online sales are expected to skyrocket to $1.6 trillion worldwide this year and Square wants its merchants to own a bigger piece of the pie.

Announced today, Square has partnered with Bigcommerce and Weebly in the U.S. and Canada. Both these companies provide customers with e-commerce solutions and shopping cart software that enables them to extend past a brick and mortar location and into a brick and mobile play. This will give Square customers the ability to earn more revenue – basically now the entire world is open for business.

“Square has made it easier than ever for me to do business anywhere, whether it’s online or in person,” said Cassandra Ciarallo, Weebly-Square customer and owner of Chic Made Consciously in Toronto. “With the new online integration with Weebly, all of the previously daunting back-end work is now seamless and efficient. Square helps me with everything from tracking my inventory to accounting, and now that I am able to consolidate my online and offline sales with Square, I have a full solution for my business with a single payment processor.”

Square customers who want to take advantage of this partnership can apparently set up an online store “in just a few minutes,” but will need to pick Square as its payments method for all features. They can then log into their Square Dashboard to track the integrated sales.


Ian Hardy

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