OneEleven announces new London managing director

The London, UK location of Ontario-headquartered tech scaleup hub OneEleven has announced the appointment of John Stamler to managing director and Rob McPherson to the role of community success manager.

Stamler previously mentored at TechStars London and worked directly with several companies advising and supporting their growth. Stamler has also spent time with BlackRock, Citi, along with several other large firms as a distressed debt investor. McPherson served as a former Officer in the Royal Marines and independent consultant.

These appointments come on the heels of a busy 2018 for OneEleven across North America, including a 50,000 square feet expansion of their Toronto space, the appointment of George Eichholzer as OneEleven CTO, Siri Agrell as the Toronto managing director, and Brad Forsyth as the Ottawa managing director.

Caitlin Hotchkiss

Caitlin Hotchkiss

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