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Spring Activator, Telus Pollinator fund partner for investor challenge (BETAKIT)

“Our hopes are that the challenge will provide a stepping stone towards funding innovative businesses as key contributors to the local economy,” Graham Day said, the impact investing program director at Spring Activator.


MCI Onehealth logo

How tech can promote a collaborative, patient-centric approach in healthcare

“Innovation is not just about technology. It’s the mechanism by which you organize and sequence how you actually deliver healthcare, and how to actually understand the patient-doctor relationship.”

In an interview with BetaKit, Saleema Khimji, the Chief Innovation Officer at MCI Onehealth, shared how the current siloed ecosystem of researchers, governments, and private sector companies can fail patients – and why a new patient-centric model based on collaboration needs technology to thrive.


Best Buy shelled out $400M for Current Health as it ramps up health strategy (FIERCE HEALTHCARE)

Best Buy spent nearly $400 million to acquire remote patient monitoring technology vendor Current Health in October, according to the company’s recent quarterly earnings.

Communitech exploring $200 million venture fund (BETAKIT)

TCEO Chris Albinson spoke to the strategy on a recent episode of The BetaKit Podcast, and while he is still vague on many details of how Communitech will help create Canadian winners to own the podium, one thing is clear: Communitech wants to launch a venture fund to support their growth.

Sydney-based medtech startup Harrison.ai gets $129M AUD led by Horizons Ventures (TECHCRUNCH)

This follows another joint venture Harrison.ai formed with I-MED Radiology in early 2020, creating Annalise.ai to develop AI-based radiology diagnostic support tools.

Survey suggests progress, room for improvement on equitable compensation for women in venture capital (BETAKIT)

The survey found that, for investment roles, salaries and bonuses are lower for women than men in more junior roles, but higher in more senior positions, with the exception of partners.

PE investor Advent acquires significant stake in Iodine Software, boosting valuation to $1B (FIERCE HEALTHCARE)

A major player in healthcare artificial intelligence, Iodine is a large clinical AI engine used by more than 800 health systems and 80,000 physicians.

How Katherine Regnier found the right enterprise customers for Coconut Software (BETAKIT)

In a recent interview for the #CIBCInnovationEconomy Podcast, Regnier explained Coconut’s uncommon founding story and what she attributes as the secrets to her success landing enterprise clients.

Medical records data offers doctors hope of better patient care (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Healthcare professionals are beginning to tap the treasure trove of information locked in electronic health records to treat people in real time.

WELL Health raises $70 million of target $500 million from bought deal offering (BETAKIT)

Vancouver-based WELL Health Technologies has raised $70 million from a bought deal offering of convertible debentures to support its acquisition strategy.

Prosecutors push Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos to take responsibility (NEW YORK TIMES)

Under cross-examination, the founder of the failed blood testing startup defended herself but admitted that she had made mistakes.

Gotcare, Nectar raise seed funding supported by Telus’ corporate impact fund (BETAKIT)

The two Canadian tech firms aim to help address a pair of particularly pressing social and environmental issues.

SafelyYou scores $30M for AI-enabled fall detection and prevention (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

The funding round comes months after the company raised $19.5 million in Series A financing.

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