Centech announces ten companies for Propulsion winter cohort


Montreal-based incubator Centech has announced the ten startups chosen for the winter cohort of its Propulsion program.

Lasting a maximum of two years, Propulsion follows the mandatory Acceleration program at Centech, with the selected startups working to move quickly from initial development to commercialize their products and services globally.

The ten companies for the winter cohort include two different verticals:


  • AI-Fred Health, which provides clinical decision support AI for mental healthcare
  • Enovative Care, which enables simplified diagnostics
  • NeuroServo, which is developing a new generation of portable brain signals sensors (EEG) for fast detection and follow-up of Delirium in hospital settings
  • nplex biosciences, which is producing improved blood testing
  • Puzzle Med, which is developing ModulHeart, a new heart pump

Advanced technologies

  • 8xlabs, which develops a solution to reduces traffic bandwidth for live streaming
  • Agrilog, which enables secure grain storage
  • Canscan, which provides quality checking for shipping containers
  • Flite, a material sciences company
  • SMART-D, which produces more efficient connected digital breakers

Centech previous announced six companies for their Propulsion program’s fall 2018 cohort in August.

Caitlin Hotchkiss

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