Canadian startup news of the week (1/19/20)


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Top Stories of the Week

Canada exempt from new regulations imposed on foreign investment in US businesses(BETAKIT)

The announcement follows an outcry from the Canadian investment community, which saw organizations pen an open letter to the US Department of the Treasury in July.

Turo, TradeRev headline first 2020 AutoTech meetup on Feb 6th(BETAKIT)

BetaKit and TradeRev are happy to announce the first AutoTech meetup of 2020.

Canadian securities regulator publishes additional guidelines for trading crypto assets(BETAKIT)

“The evolving landscape of the industry prompts us to clarify our regulatory framework.”

Collision reveals first 100 speakers, new date for second year in Toronto(BETAKIT)

Speakers, so far, include Tobias Lütke of Shopify, Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff, Uber CTO Thuan Pham, and co-founder and CEO of Mailchimp Ben Chestnut.

Startup Milestones


20 Things We Learned from Junction(BESSIEBOX)

Bessie survived Platform Calgary’s accelerator, and here’s what we learned.

Six social responsibility trends for tech companies in 2020(BETAKIT)

CSR, once reserved for established companies, is becoming more important at an earlier stage.

A cautionary tale of high valuations(BETAKIT)

Talent, delays, product-market fit – out of all these lurking threats, the one that founders have the most control over is company valuation.

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