Canadian startup news of the week (08/12/18)

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Top Stories of the Week

WeWork opens second Vancouver space(BETAKIT)

WeWork said that it plans to have five locations open in Vancouver by the end of the year with a total of 5,256 desks in the city.

Sidewalk Toronto has an approved plan for Quayside, but not without controversy(BETAKIT)

The “unanimous” approval for the plan (to develop a plan) comes amidst multiple resignations surrounding the Quayside project.

#TractionConf speakers say scaling up requires thinking small(BETAKIT)

“Don’t think of disruption as always blanket good. You can create a lot of damage if you’re not thinking deeply about what the implications for society are. We should all play our part in doing that.”

LG partners with the University of Toronto to establish AI research lab(BETAKIT)

The five-year research partnership with the University of Toronto will allow LG to build on its Open Platform-Open Partnership-Open Connectivity strategy to expand the AI ecosystem.

Startup Milestones

  • Relogix raises $1.4 million to help enterprises understand how employees use workspaces (Read here)

  • Fredericton-based Resson receiving up to $370,000 from NB government to create jobs (Read here)

  • MineSense closes $23.5 million to reduce CO2 emissions in mining (Read here)

  • Home healthcare platform AlayaCare raises $13.8 million Series B (Read here)

Must Reads

Report: AI drives VC investment as Canada hits $900 million USD for second straight quarter(BETAKIT)

AI experienced a 104 percent funding increase in Q2 2018 compared to last quarter.

Ask an Investor: do early-stage VCs care about financial models?(BETAKIT)

Most VCs will ask you for a financial model at the end of your first date.

Is tech FOMO fading away? (CanCon Ep. 126)

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