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NGen commits funding to new $72 million production facility that involves Canadian tech startups (BETAKIT)

The project will bring together tech startups and other businesses to employ technologies that support protein production that is safe for the environment.

Who should stop unethical AI? (NEW YORKER)

At artificial-intelligence conferences, researchers are increasingly alarmed by what they see.

Boreal Ventures launches $26 million fund investing in Québec’s early-stage deep tech startups (BETAKIT)

“There are few Canadian funds available for [deep tech startups].”

Mayo Clinic, Google eyeing ‘AI factory’ as collaboration moves forward (MED CITY NEWS)

As their partnership evolves, the organizations are looking to create an “AI factory” — an assembly line of AI solutions that are developed at scale and incorporated into clinical workflows.

Aifred Health among top three finalists in IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition (BETAKIT)

AI XPrize is a five-year competition with three judging rounds. Montréal-based Aifred Health was one of more than 700 applicants for the competition.

A second Google AI researcher says the company fired her. (NEW YORK TIMES)

Margaret Mitchell, who was one of the leaders of Google’s Ethical A.I. team, sent a tweet on Friday afternoon saying merely: “I’m fired.”

The shoddy science behind emotional recognition tech (MEDIUM)

A meta-review of 1,000 studies found that the science tying our facial expressions to our emotions isn’t entirely universal.

Scale AI, Oceans Supercluster, NGen commit collective $17 million to new projects (BETAKIT)

Three of Canada’s Superclusters have committed new funding for projects and initiatives aimed to bolster Canada’s innovation ecosystems.

Anthony Levandowski closes his Church of AI (TECHCRUNCH)

The Way of the Future church, which Levandowski formed in 2015, was officially dissolved at the end of the year, according to state and federal records.

IBM’s retreat from Watson highlights broader AI struggles in health (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

Watson Health was billed as a ‘bet the ranch’ move by Big Blue; now the company is prepared to throw in the towel.

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