Scale AI, Oceans Supercluster, NGen commit collective $17 million to new projects

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Three of Canada’s Superclusters have recently committed new funding for projects and initiatives aimed to bolster Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

The latest investments were made by Scale AI, the Oceans Supercluster, and the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster. The Superclusters’ contributions have a combined value of approximately $17.6 million.

“Each cohort of projects reflects the organizations’ needs in all sectors for concrete AI applications.”
– Hélène Desmarais, Scale AI

Quebec-based Scale AI, which invests in accelerates the rapid adoption and integration of artificial intelligence, is investing a total of $6.68 million into five projects. Although the projects vary in scope, with some focusing on transportation assets and others augmenting supply chain logistics, all projects involve the application of AI technology.

The investment (including partner contributions) for all projects totals $16.6 million.

One of the projects receiving an investment from Scale AI will aim to optimize pricing based on consumer demand and behaviour. Partners include Couche-Tard, Thirdbridge, and Ivado Labs. The total investment is $5.7 million, with $2.3 million coming from Scale AI.

Another project will set out to design algorithms that can predict what would otherwise be unexpected truck breakdowns and their root causes. The total investment is $5 million, with $1.4 million coming from Scale AI.

“Each cohort of projects reflects the organizations’ needs in all sectors for concrete AI applications,” said Hélène Desmarais, co-chair of the Scale AI board of directors. “The understanding of AI’s capabilities to find solutions to concrete and specific supply chain issues has taken an incredible leap forward.

“This is encouraging, for companies that are accelerating the process of integrating AI to boost their productivity and competitiveness, but also for Canada’s growing AI ecosystem as a whole,” Desmarais added.

The Atlantic Canada-based Oceans Supercluster is investing a total of $6 million into three projects. The projects are being led from across Canada and have a total value of $12 million, including partner co-investment.

Canada’s Oceans Supercluster has committed $2 million to each of the three new projects. One such project will develop a type of eco-friendly fuel aimed to reduce industry dependence on diesel. Another one of these projects will develop autonomous sensors that can observe and monitor the environmental health of the ocean.

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Finally, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, is investing $4.9 million into a business consortium led by aerospace technology company MDA.

MDA, along with partners Promark Electronic and AV&R will apply advanced manufacturing technologies into production environments. MDA will develop solutions in automated assembly and testing for satellite constellations.

Promark Electronics will develop robotics solutions for electronics assembly, and will use artificial intelligence for production planning and business insights. AV&R will develop solutions to apply AI in manufacturing for robot task management and optimization.

“This project demonstrates the role that NGen can play in facilitating initiatives whose outcomes present a strategic advantage for Canadian manufacturing,” said Jayson Myers, CEO of NGen. “Through collaborative partnerships, companies are sharing knowledge and risk, leading to truly transformative outcomes.”

The total investment behind this project is approximately $11 million, and comes on the heels of another major NGen investment.

Yesterday, the NGen Supercluster announced an investment into what is its largest project to date, committing $16.8 million into a new protein production facility in Ontario aimed to address global food insecurity.

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