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#GoNorth17 AI discussion walks the line between the power of technology and its social impact (BETAKIT)

The focus throughout the day at Go North was not so much on the technology itself, but rather the larger implications it will have on society.

RBC RECOMMENDS: Our Stories – What’s Your Company’s Trust Strategy?(RBC)

Darrell MacMullin, CEO of Goldmoney Network, says trust does not move at the same speed as technology and should fit into a startup’s strategy.

Canadian AI experts urge for global ban on killer robots(BETAKIT)

Five leaders of Canada’s AI research community have written an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking the Canadian government to take a stand against weaponizing AI.

Pienso raises $2.1M to help non-programmers interact with machine learning models(TECHCRUNCH)

Though the world could probably use a few more machine learning experts, there are a lot of non-programming specialists whose expertise could directly benefit ML models.

#GONORTH17: Shared values, education system helps Canada lead in AI, says PM Trudeau

“It is important that Canadians help shape this revolutionary technology,” said Trudeau.

China’s powerhouses focus on AI to surpass the US(BUSINESSINSIDER)

China is the world’s second-largest investor in AI after the US — 66% of AI investments in 2016 were in US-based companies.

This AI startup wants to solve the hard problem of robots picking things up(THEVERGE)

A startup named Embodied Intelligence is one of a crop of new ventures tackling this problem. It’s formed from researchers from the Elon Musk-backed AI lab OpenAI and the University of Berkeley, and has $7 million in venture capital funding to get it started.

Data science startup Accern raises $2.1 million in pre-Series A funding(FORBES)

Accern’s data science platform consolidates a variety of actionable analytics from more than 300 million websites, social media outlets such as Twitter, proprietary data (including SEC filings), and premium financial news data sources into a single newsfeed.

How Canada’s unique research culture has aided artificial intelligence(ECONOMIST)

Canada cannot compete with America in research funding. Instead, it has made a virtue of limited resources, developing an alternative model of innovation based on openness to unorthodox ideas.

AI is in its ‘infancy’ and it’s too early to regulate it, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says(CNBC)

“AI is only going to go into applications that we allow it to go into… it’s in its infancy,” Krzanich said at Web Summit.


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