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How Ada piggybacked Zoom and Shopify’s growth during the pandemic to become a Canadian unicorn (BETAKIT)

Earlier this month, Ada announced a $130 million USD Series C round that brought its valuation to $1.2 billion.

Tenstorrent raises over $200 million (BETAKIT)

“Our goal is to continue creating AI-focused hardware for developers,” said Ljubisa Bajic, Tenstorrent’s CEO.

Canadian tech is having a moment. How best to seize it? (BETAKIT)

Anyone paying attention to the Canadian tech ecosystem will know something special is happening. So what comes next? BetaKit Patrons can register for the first monthly BetaKit Live on May 27 to see the full discussion.

Google unit DeepMind tried — and failed — to win AI autonomy from parent (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

The end of the long-running negotiations, which hasn’t previously been reported, is the latest example of how Google and other tech giants are trying to strengthen their control over the study and advancement of artificial intelligence.

Vancouver-based Dooly raises $80 million USD Series B round (BETAKIT)

News of the raise comes two months after Dooly announced $20.3 million in funding, which consisted of a 2020 seed round and Series A round.

7 things startups should know about selling to banks (BETAKIT)

CIBC’s Paul McKinlay, Keith Gordon, Bank of America’s Tom Mildenhall, and Sensibill’s Corey Gross share tips for startups selling to banks.

The costly pursuit of self-driving cars continues on. And on. And on. (NEW YORK TIMES)

Many in Silicon Valley promised that self-driving cars would be a common sight by 2021. Now the industry is resetting expectations and settling in for years of more work.

GTX re-brands to Vosker following 4X revenue increase for remote monitoring tech (BETAKIT)

Across four brands, GTX has surpassed 360 employees and increased its revenue by 316 percent in the last few years, from $30 million two years ago to $125 million in 2020.

Robotics hub Carnegie Mellon lands $150 million grant (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

The initiatives are part of a wider goal to attract talent to the university for new manufacturing technologies such as 3-D printing, and to promote economic development in Pittsburgh.

The race to understand the thrilling, dangerous world of language AI (MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW)

Hundreds of scientists around the world are working together to understand one of the most powerful emerging technologies before it’s too late.

With its platform now on the market, Odaia bets on pharma (BETAKIT)

Philip Poulidis, CEO and co-founder of Odaia, told BetaKit the startup was initially looking at multiple industry segments where it could apply its technology.

These ex-journalists are using AI to catch online defamation (WIRED)

CaliberAI wants to help overstretched newsrooms with a tool that’s like spell-check for libel. But its potential uses go far beyond traditional media.

Josh Scott

Josh Scott

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