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Scale AI receives additional $23.4 million from Quebec government(BETAKIT)

With this new capital, Scale AI’s total funding commitment is more than $280 million.

Lexion raises $4.2M to bring AI to contract management(TECHCRUNCH)

Lexion was incubated at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), one of the late Microsoft co-founders’ four scientific research institutes.

Singapore-based AI startup Near raises $100M to roll out new product offerings(YOURSTORY)

The startup launched Allspark, a SaaS product that enables end-to-end marketing automation for clients and partners across more than 20 countries, in 2017.

Landr raises $26 million CAD Series B for audio mastering platform(BETAKIT)

Landr, an AI-powered audio mastering software startup based in Montréal, has raised a $26 million Series B.

Powering the brains of tomorrow’s intelligent machines(TECHCRUNCH)

Right now, it’s still the Wild West when it comes to measuring AI chips up against each other.

AI Deep Dive chooses Toronto over San Francisco for AI skills course(BETAKIT)

AI Deep Dive, a three-month, full-time, retreat-style artificial intelligence course, is closing its San Francisco program, and moving to Toronto in August.

Pivot raises $17 million for AI-powered home workouts(VENTUREBEAT)

The startup taps a combination of sensors and machine learning to count reps and track form in real time.

AI could help make robots cheaper without limiting their abilities(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Transfer learning, the ability to use knowledge previously gained from one context in another, could teach cheap robots to perform as well as expensive ones.

Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinical-grade accuracy in new research paper(TECHCRUNCH)

Paige’s approach uses much larger data sets than are typically employed in AI-based diagnostics, but without the tight curation that focuses other efforts much more narrowly on specific types of cancer diagnostics.

Canscan, SparkCharge take home gold at Startupfest pitch competition(BETAKIT)

The two companies will each take home $100,000 from the competition’s investor judges.

The AI technique that could imbue machines with the ability to reason(TECHNOLOGYREVIEW)

Yann LeCun, Facebook’s chief AI scientist, believes unsupervised learning will bring about the next AI revolution.

AI photo editor FaceApp goes viral again on iOS, raises questions about photo library access(TECHCRUNCH)

In this current wave of virality, some new questions are floating around about FaceApp.

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