Waterloo’s regional politicians endorse bylaw principles to make Uber legal

Taxi associations drove Uber out of the province after legislation required ridesharing license to operate in the city.

Regional politicians in Waterloo unanimously endorsed bylaw principles that would make Uber legal yesterday. The ridesharing company is already operating in the region, but is currently unregulated.

The Waterloo Region Record reported that Councilor Jane Mitchell, who chairs the licensing and hearings committee, stated: “That sends a message that, yes, we do want to have the non-traditional taxis. [They] will be legal and now we have to look at how do we make a level playing field.”

The Record also reported that there were about 30 local cab drivers in the room when the councilors voted in favour of opening the taxi bylaw to license and regulate non-traditional taxis such as Uber.

The principles that the politicians endorsed include the fact that the new model should be a hybrid of the traditional and broker models, and an investigation of the current license limits on taxis should take place.

The proposed bylaw will be brought in front of the public on June 8, after regional staff have sat down with both respective stakeholders.

This news follows Uber’s statement that the company will not continue doing business in Toronto if proposed bylaws are passed at the May 3 city council meeting that would restrict ridesharing.

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