Waterloo wearables-tech company announces first shipment of “smart shirt”

Aexos (Advanced Exoskeletal Systems), a Kickstarter-funded wearables company based in Waterloo, has announced the first shipment of its wearables product, a “smart shirt” designed to reduce whiplash of the head and neck in high intensity sports.

Founded in 2015, Aexos is the designer of the Halo, a compression shirt that aims to provide neck and postural support for the user while playing sports, in order to reduce concussions. The company’s Kickstarter campaign raised just under $130,000 in September last year, surpassing its initial $100,000 goal.

“Our mission remains the same, enhance the safety of high-impact sports without compromising mobility or performance.”

The technology embedded in the collar is designed to stiffen upon detecting high-speed, abrupt head movement, which improves neck stability and reducing the risk of injury and concussion. Aexos said Halo reduces head movement during collisions by up to 46 percent, without affecting the range of motion or mobility of the athlete. The shirt seeks to provide neck support, while reducing stress placed upon the rest of the upper body.

Aexos has started shipping units to customers ordering Halo as well as Halo Junior, which is designed for children ages six and up. The Halo Cut-Proof Neck Guard, designed for hockey athletes, is currently available for pre-order only.

This announcement comes after Aexos signed an exclusive supplier deal with Canada Snowboard, allowing the national snowboard team access to Halo. Aexos has also entered into a partnership with Derek Livingston, two-time Canadian Olympic halfpipe snowboarder, and has signed a one-year contract with Brooke Voigt, Canadian Olympic slopestyle snowboarder.

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“From Halo’s initial launch on Kickstarter to professional athletes now wearing Halo in various sporting events, we’ve been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the sports community,” said Charles Corrigan, co-founder and CEO of Aexos. “Our mission remains the same, enhance the safety of high-impact sports without compromising mobility or performance.”

Halo has been recognized by Safe4Sport, a division of the Stop Concussions Foundation, for the ability of its technology to improve the safety of athletes.

Featured image via Aexos.


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