Video: Innohub’s Dynamic Mobile Landing Pages Snared 65% Conversion For Pepsi

In our final instalment of the Extreme Startups video series at DX3 2014 conference, our Joseph Czikk chatted with Innohub CEO Amanda Parker. Sometimes Czikk is a little slow, so Parker had to explain clearly and coherently how Innohub‘s flagship product, Uplette, snagged Pepsi a 65 percent conversion rate from its highly personalized, context-aware and dynamic mobile landing pages for mobile. The industry average is just one percent.

Innohub was launched last year in Toronto, cofounded by Parker and CIO Alexey Adamsky, two Ryerson University graduates.

Uplette allows marketers and brands to increase conversion rates with dynamic and context-aware mobile content delivery. Marketers can analyze performance and optimize their campaigns in real-time. The product uses any communication technology, including mobile ads, QR, SMS, NFC, Smart images, iBeacon and Low Energy Bluetooth (LEB). It allows brands and advertisers to optimize their campaigns and measure mobile marketing ROI with more precision than ever with a robust suite of analytics, reporting, campaign management, and editing tools.

Check out Parker’s discussion with Czikk here:



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