Unbounce acquires US-based marketing tech startup LeadsRx

The deal marks Unbounce’s third acquisition to date.

Landing page and conversion optimization company Unbounce has acquired United States-based LeadsRx to bring marketing analytics tech to its small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers.

The deal, for which the financial terms were not disclosed, marks Unbounce’s third acquisition to date. Unbounce chief strategy officer Tamara Grominsky called the addition of LeadsRx an “opportunity to deliver conversion value to marketers across a wider spectrum of the marketing funnel.”

“Attribution is one of the most difficult parts of marketing, especially for SMBs.”
– Tamara Grominsky, Unbounce

“Attribution is one of the most difficult parts of marketing, especially for SMBs — validating costs and ROI to clients and investors is harder during the best of times but even more so today as competition climbs and endless new marketing channels continue to pop up,” she told BetaKit. “LeadsRx has figured out how to solve these problems for marketers. Their platform helps marketers understand which marketing channels are performing and which aren’t.”

Unbounce CEO Felicia Bochicchio told BetaKit last year that 2022 would be a pivotal year for the company, with a focus on building AI-powered solutions that will be accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

With its landing page and conversion optimization software aimed to help marketers build and test landing pages without a web developer, Unbounce boasts over 100,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

The Vancouver company sees itself as shaping “a new era” of marketing through conversion intelligence solutions. Speaking with BetaKit at SAAS NORTH, Grominsky spoke about how Unbounce created the category for conversion intelligence, and how developing a category alongside a product has helped it find product-market-fit.

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Bochicchio has been at the helm of Unbounce over the last year after she stepped in for founding CEO Rick Perreault, who took a medical leave.

During that time, Bochicchio led Unbounce to acquire Snazzy AI (now Smart Copy), brought the company’s Smart Builder solution to market, and onboarded new CFO Gregory Dos Santos.

Joining Unbounce as chief revenue officer in June 2018, Bochicchio was promoted to president in 2020 after the company raised its first major round of funding, a $52 million deal that allowed Denver-based private equity firm Crest Rock Partners to acquire a controlling stake in Unbounce.

After Perreault chose to become executive chair of the board following recovery from cancer, Bochicchio officially took on the role of CEO late last year.

Bochicchio has now led Unbounce to its second acquisition in less than one year. And the inorganic growth strategy is one that Unbounce will continue to focus on, Grominsky told BetaKit.

Grominsky stated that acquiring LeadsRx opens up new opportunities for Unbounce “to access conversion value across a wider spectrum of the marketing funnel.”

“In the future, we see the opportunity of bringing a wealth of new data and the value of marketing attribution to SMB marketers and our conversion intelligence platform, not only to help our customers earn more conversions, but to help them earn more quality conversions,” she stated.

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Founded in 2015 in Portland, Oregon, LeadsRx helps marketers increase customer acquisition efficiency, with the goal of creating better return on investment and identifying wasted ad spend. Marketers can use its tech across digital, radio, TV, podcasts, streaming services, and other advertising channels.

In a field awash with marketing analytics solutions, LeadsRx claims to differentiate itself by collecting first-party data only. According to the startup, “unlike marketing attribution platforms of its kind, LeadsRx doesn’t rely on third-party cookies but instead develops private identity graphs for each of its clients.”

“​​At a time when privacy is top of mind for consumers, LeadsRx has developed a solution unreliant on third-party cookies and detached from the key market players like Facebook and Google,” said ​​Grominsky.

For now, LeadsRx will continue to operate independently with its CEO and co-founder, AJ Brown, staying in his role alongside the company’s 21-person team. Unbounce plans to add LeadRx’s marketing attribution tech to its conversion intelligence platform, and noted the US company’s platform will remain standalone “until further assessment takes place.”

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