TransferWise opens API to Canadian businesses


Digital money transfer platform TransferWise has opened access to its API allowing Canadian businesses to integrate TransferWise into their workflows, enabling customers to make international money transfers directly from their own website or app.

“As we’ve grown, the needs of our customers have grown, too. It will take us a long time to hire more people to build everything you need and deserve, and that’s why we’re opening our API and giving you (and your engineering team) the tools to do it on your own,” the company said in a statement. “An open API is necessary to fulfill our mission and help our customers scale along with us.”

Transferwise noted that the API is not exclusive to banks and businesses, and there are no extra charges or premium subscriptions. API tokens can be collected after a company signs up for a sandbox account.

TransferWise additionally reported that it is currently working with major French bank BPCE on an integration that will let its customers make payments with TransferWise within the BPCE online banking or app.

Transferwise has made several moves in the Canadian tech space, including partnering with Flinks to facilitate instant account verification, and launching a debit card in Canada.

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