Toronto’s Foursixty Consolidates All of A Brand’s Social Media Into One Place

Foursixty is entering an interesting marketplace, providing another way for brands to engage with users through one feed of relevant social content. The company allows users, brands, and businesses to build dynamic pages that aggregate social media content from all of their channels, in one place.  

For normal users, Foursixty’s feed runs on their network and can be embedded on other sites. With its pro version, its enable brands to curate and consolidate content from their biggest advocates. This has proven to be a major plus for brands who are now creating interactive campaigns that allow customers to feel integrated into the brands identity.

Market leaders at the moment include Rebel Mouse and Uberflip. Foursixty’s advantage could be a more cost-effective solution that appeals to the masses.

The Toronto startup’s latest iteration involves a powerful new feature – the ability to integrate ecommerce calls to action with social media content, regardless of who created it, the brand or their advocates. Foursixty is helping bridge the gap between brand awareness on Instagram or Tumblr, and online purchases.

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Although relatively new, the company is already powering the website of Toronto-based fashion collective The Collections, who represent a number of Canadian designers, amongst other brands. They were involved in the last two fashion weeks and this seems to be a core component of their business

Brands will not only be able to capitalize on adding calls to action to their social content, but individuals can be compensated for driving sales if their profile is integrated with a brand.

While there are a number of platforms focused on the aggregating social content into businesses and brands’ larger web presence, Foursixty’s ecommerce feature set its its most distinctive feature at this point.

It will be interesting to see how this young Canadian company will contend with bigger companies with a head start. And like every other startup, only time will tell.


David King

David King is creator at Generate Creative, a branding and strategy agency in Toronto.

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