Three Toronto-based tech companies hiring across Canada right now

Inpixon, Motion, and TalentMinded are all hiring.

Whether you’re looking for a new position or just curious, BetaKit Jobs is filled with tech companies hiring across Canada. Here are a few companies hiring for multiple roles right now.


Inpixon’s platform offers a complete solution for locating, tracking, guiding, and monitoring everything indoors with seamless integration. By combining data from the physical and digital worlds, Inpixon provides indoor positioning and data analytics to enhance security, manage assets, and discover opportunities.

In 2019, Inpixon acquired Toronto-based Jibestream to expand into the indoor location market.

Inpixon is hiring developers, customer success managers, engineers, and more as it expands its global operations. Check out all of the company’s open roles on its careers page.


For over thirty-five years, Motion has been a leader in mobility and home accessibility solutions. The company works closely with therapists, clients, and caregivers to provide custom solutions and prides itself on creating long-lasting relationships with both long-term and short-term clients.

Motion has almost thirty jobs available across Canada in a variety of roles, ranging from sales and customer service to data analytics and service technicians.

The company is looking for compassionate and professional individuals to work alongside its growing team. Check out Motion’s open roles on its careers page.


TalentMinded is Canada’s first recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS) firm. The firm feels that recruiting hasn’t kept up with the need for great people, which is why it created a monthly service to best meet customers’ hiring needs.

TalentMinded is also committed to offering the finest strategy and execution possible. The firm assists customers in thinking more strategically about how to recruit the appropriate individuals to help them expand their businesses, and has a true enthusiasm for achieving outcomes, thinking outside the box, and developing strategic connections.

Visit TalentMinded’s careers page to see all available roles.

Raj Dhaliwal

Raj Dhaliwal

Raj Dhaliwal is the partnerships manager at BetaKit. She has worked for a few tech startups and BetaKit has covered all of them. She is a hip-hop and pasta aficionado.

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