Thalmic’s Myo Market now officially out of beta

Thalmic Myo

This week, Thalmic Labs announced that its Myo Market, having surpassed 100 apps and connectors, is now out of beta.

“In addition to the wide variety of applications that we now have in the Myo Market, we made it much easier to browse and navigate,” said Stephen Lake, co-founder and CEO of Thalmic Labs. “Myo users can find what they’re looking for to get up and running quickly, and people who haven’t yet purchased a Myo can browse Myo Market prior to making that purchase.

The market includes dedicated app categories like tools and productivity, games, presentations, and connected things. It also includes a featured section where the Myo team shares favourite apps like Leviathan, which allows users to control their favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures with the Myo armband, and wireless gesture control for the EZ-Robot.

“As an input device, the Myo armband needs something to interact with for it to come alive. It was really important to us to have the Myo Market as a one-stop-shop for Myo users to easily find all compatible applications as soon as they unbox their unit,” said Lake. “We’re continually working with developers to get high quality applications into the Myo Market.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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