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Boast.ai raises $30 million from Radian Capital to “revolutionize” R&D tax credit market (BETAKIT)

Vancouver-based software startup Boast.ai has secured $30 million CAD in Series A equity financing from growth equity firm Radian Capital.


Why San Francisco-based VC Hustle Fund Is Betting Big on Canada

“At Hustle Fund, we’re convinced that Canada is positioned well to produce some of the largest, category-defining companies on the planet. We’re eager to fund these companies, and excited to partner with Hockeystick to identify these opportunities!” – Eric Bahn (General Partner)

Since launch, Hockeystick has made over 6000 funder recommendations to Canadian startups. Learn how startups are using technology to meet funders around the world.

Airbnb skyrockets 112% in public market debut, giving it a market cap of $86.5 billion (CNBC)

Airbnb opened at $146 per share on its first day of trading on Thursday, more than doubling the $68 per share price set for its IPO the day before.

WeCommerce going public to further strategy of buying Shopify ecosystem companies (BETAKIT)

WeCommerce is set to go public on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) via a reverse takeover of Brachium Capital Corp.

The FTC is suing Facebook to unwind its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp (THE VERGE)

In addition to its acquisition strategy, the attorneys general allege that Facebook used the power and reach of its platform to stifle user growth for competing services.

Pilots over pitches: how to accelerate growth through corporate-startup collaboration (BETAKIT)

Highline Beta CEO Marcus Daniels argues that the “always be pitching” mantra is the wrong one for startups looking to scale.

Remote court is now in session. But will defendants get a fair trial? (FAST COMPANY)

Holding virtual hearings is becoming increasingly necessary as the pandemic rages on. But the jury’s still out on how remote court impacts people involved in legal cases.

AppDirect megadeal casts long shadow over Montréal startup funding in Q3 2020 (BETAKIT)

Montréal’s tech funding dipped in the third quarter of 2020, propped up by one megadeal into a locally-born but now US-headquartered e-commerce startup.

After Slack deal, Dropbox, Box, MongoDB could be next acquisition targets (THE INFORMATION)

Blockbuster acquisitions tend to beget questions about who’s going to buy whom next. Salesforce’s nearly $28 billion deal for Slack is no exception.

Today in Hires: Xero, Wealthsimple, Alida, Tucows, AppDynamics (BETAKIT)

Five organizations have brought on new team members, including AppDynamics, Alida, Wealthsimple, Tucows and Ting Internet, and Xero.

Kids are “failing” online learning (THE MARKUP)

Grades are in free fall, especially among disadvantaged students, who are already struggling the most.

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