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<> on May 28, 2009 in New York, New York.

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CrowdRiff launches Localhood to help amplify small businesses during pandemic (BETAKIT)

Localhood is an online platform intended to let users discover and support small businesses through “visual web stories.”


Bruce Croxon and Vidyard CFO Matt Hodgson share tips for building resilient SaaS startups

Sage Intacct hosted a webinar with Bruce Croxon and Matt Hodgson to explain what SaaS founders can do to build resilience into their organizational models.

Uber pushes into on-demand public transit with its first SaaS partnership (TECHCRUNCH)

Users in Marin County will see a new option called Marin Connect when they open the Uber app. The feature allows customers to book a ride on the six-seater and wheelchair-accessible vans operated by Marin Transit.

Waterloo software startup launches encrypted video conferencing platform (BETAKIT)

Tauria, a software encryption startup based in Kitchener-Waterloo, has launched a secure videoconferencing tool and business suite.

How SaaS reinvented shareware and killed piracy (THE NEXT WEB)

Today’s best business software can’t be pirated. You can’t torrent Slack, pirate Salesforce, crack Notion to give you more features for free.

3D visualization software startup PreVu3D raises $2.5 million seed round (BETAKIT)

PreVu3D, a Montreal-based startup that has developed an interactive 3D visualization and modelling software solution, has raised a $2.5 million CAD seed round.

As the SaaS economy expands, how will we define authentic B2B customer success (FORBES)

There are a lot of concepts in this podcast about the reframing of customer success by 2030. Once experiences become experienced continuously as a service, these dynamic shifts and shift very fast.

Construction delivery startup GoFor Industries raises $9.8 million seed round (BETAKIT)

Ottawa-based logistics software startup GoFor Industries has raised a $9.8 million CAD seed round.

Chicago-based Salesforce software startup Copado raises $26M (CHICAGO INNO)

Copado, a Chicago-based startup making native DevOps software built on the Salesforce platform, announced it raised a new round of funding on Thursday.

Facedrive opens private placement as it launches Foods platform, gears up for expansion (BETAKIT)

Facedrive has entered into a strategic advisory services agreement with Craven Street Capital to assist Facedrive in executing its European expansion plans.

Outreach raises $50M as billion-dollar Seattle startup aims to capitalize on remote sales trend (GEEKWIRE)

The Seattle startup, one of a handful of “unicorn” companies in the region, just raised a $50 million Series F investment round, increasing its valuation to $1.33 billion and total funding to $289 million.

Digital marketing startup Funnelytics raises $1.5 million CAD in seed funding (BETAKIT)

Toronto-based digital marketing startup Funnelytics has raised $1.5 million CAD as it looks to capitalize on the growth of online advertising amid COVID-19.

Software shares set new records as tech rallies (TECHCRUNCH)

According to the Financial Times, the software-and-cloud tracking index has seen gains of more than 45% during the last year, a sharp advance during a year of economic uncertainty and occasional stock market carnage.

US private equity firm Crest Rock Partners takes majority ownership of Vancouver-based Unbounce (BETAKIT)

Crest Rock Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm, has acquired a controlling stake in Vancouver-based startup Unbounce in a $52 million deal.

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