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The SaaS Weekly is a weekly newsletter covering the major SaaS news from Canada and around the globe. S|W is sponsored by none other than SaaS North, taking place in Ottawa November 30-December 1.

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Win a ticket to SaaS North and one-on-one time with Salesforce

Saas North is just two weeks away. Perfect time to win a free ticket courtesy the BK hookup.

Voice of the North

SaaSBites: Mike McDerment of FreshBooks

A chat with Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks, the cloud-based accounting solution that helps millions of users collect tens of billions of dollars every year. (sponsored)


PageCloud raises $5.4 million Series A

Participants in the round include Accomplice, Export Development Canada, and angel investors like Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke, former SalesForce VP Avanish Sahai, and former LinkedIn VP Ellen Levy.


Growing as fast as Slack

The most successful companies build great user-focused products and nail two types of virality: intra-company expansion and inter-company distribution.

Voice of the North

Is the IPO option “back” for Canadian tech companies?

Elliott Garms explains how building a strong team with the right domain knowledge helped his recruiting tool hit $18,000/mo in its first year.


Deloitte releases its list of Canada’s 50 fastest-growing companies

As you can guess, there are a bunch of SaaS companies on the list.


Understanding Acquihires

According to the handy folks at CB Insights, about 40% of the companies that raise a seed round go on to raise an A. Just over 1/2 of the A-funded companies raise a B.


AWS Brings Pay-as-You-Go SaaS to Marketplace

Users can now search for and buy SaaS directly from AWS Marketplace Vendors without monthly fees or subscriptions costs.


In five years, SaaS will be the cloud that matters

To help IT make the mental shift, the cloud industry uses analogs to the datacenter’s divisions—but ultimately they’ll merge into simply ‘services’.

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