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Taking place in the nation’s capital at the end of the month, Canada’s first-ever SaaS conference, SaaS North, is fast approaching. Featuring two packed days of sessions with over 60 speakers, SaaS North has brought together some of the biggest companies in the SaaS space. Few are bigger than Salesforce.

“For me, the reason why we are attending is to bring and share our perspective on how data science is changing not only enterprise software and SaaS, but the economy as a whole,” Mike Young, Salesforce Lead Solution Engineer, told BetaKit. “If anything can be learned from the past few technological revolutions it’s that the next one always changes more rapidly than the previous, and artificial intelligence will surpass anything we have seen before.

“Canada is an intellectual hotbed of artificial intelligence.”

Fittingly, Young will be onstage at SaaS North, along with Salesforce Director of Sales Engineering, Chris Makkreel, speaking about how machine learning is changing everything. But his own session isn’t the only SaaS North talk that Young is looking forward to.

“The talk I am personally looking forward to the most is Bruce Coxon’s,” Young said. “Since Canada is an intellectual hotbed of artificial intelligence I am very excited to hear his take on the Canadian ecosystem.”

It sounds as though the stage is set for two days of amazing conversations on where SaaS is heading. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be in the audience listening along, and comparing notes afterwards with companies like Salesforce? Thanks to our friends at SaaS North, you just may get the chance.

BetaKit is giving away one free ticket to SaaS North, plus one-on-one time with both Mike Young and Chris Makkreel from Salesforce. To win, leave a comment on this post explaining how attending the conference will help your SaaS company grow! We’ll randomly select one commenter as the winner Monday, November 21st.

NOTE: BetaKit is only providing the SaaS North ticket and one-on-one time with Salesforce. It’s up to you to cover travel and accommodations. Thankfully, SaaS North has some hookups on that end, as well.

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Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys

Douglas Soltys is the Editor-in-Chief of BetaKit and founder of BetaKit Incorporated. He has worked for a few failed companies and written about many more. He spends too much time on the Internet.

20 replies on “Win a ticket to #SAASNORTH and one-on-one time with Salesforce”
  1. Avatarsays: Aman Moolji

    This is one of those conferences that is not only largely attended by many of our prospective customers, but also one whose content would provide invaluable as we drive the growth of our own product. Traction attracts traction.

  2. Avatarsays: Simran Kamboj

    Hopefully it’ll help me understand the future of the SaaS industry better. That way, I could be a better solutions engineer and help increase sales at my organization.

  3. Avatarsays: Em Dimytosh

    For swimming pool service companies that want to deliver better customer service with lower operational cost, my company is developing an intelligent swimming pool sensor to constantly monitor customer’s pools and provide real-time alerts when service is required. SaaS North, particularly the “Play by Play” stream, would be instrumental for us as we prepare to launch in Spring 2017. In addition, Mike Young’s talk on Machine Learning is also directly applicable.

  4. Avatarsays: Antoine Azar

    We’re an AI-driven loyalty marketing SaaS for independent retailers. It would be amazing to attend SaaS North and meet the Salesforce folks. Fingers crossed for that ticket, Betakit, you’ve always been good to us in the past 🙂

  5. Avatarsays: myBestHelper

    How will attending SaaS North help our company’s growth? 1) Learning from lessons learned and best practices, 2) Connecting to mentors, partners and channels, 3) Getting inspired and energised to tackle the huge opportunities available to us globally! (Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO)

  6. Avatarsays: Rahul

    Another wonderful example while we speak to our partners & customers demonstrating the capabilities of SAAS.
    A platform to learn and witness extraordinary dev cycles.
    Would love to be a part of the event.

  7. Avatarsays: Adolfo Grego

    Thanks for your post!
    Our company is creating a website builder for handymen. Since we are building this project from scratch, we will need to partner up with SaaS providers for different online applications to enhance our website functionalities.
    I hope we can get a ticket to learn more about the subject!

  8. Avatarsays: Stuart????????

    SaaS north will allow us to hear from other folks facing similar challenges, and for me – help scale our distribution. We’re on the Shopify App Store, so it would be incredible to share some time with Tobias!

  9. Avatarsays: Marc Alloul

    Thank you for your post and for sponsoring a free pass. Attending SaaSNorth would really provide an awesome opportunity to one of Budgeto founder to learn about best practices of the industry and network with key influencers.
    Thanks in adance and Looking forwars to it.
    Ps: Budgeto is an online, incredibly user friendly application allowing entrepreneurs to build and share budgets in a few clicks.

  10. Avatarsays: David MacFarlane

    We are a mobile RMM company. Remote Management and Monitoring for IT Administrators to be able to manage their servers and networks from their smartphone. It would be great for us to be able to attend SAAS NORTH to learn from the presenters but also to network with other people interested in the SaaS ecosystem.

  11. Avatarsays: Daniel Whitefield

    Candid is a self-funded B2B marketing platform, working with over 500 retail e-commerce brands around the world to amplify best social community moments and match media to products along the customer path to purchase. We’ve had our heads down for nearly 5 years and hopeful to gain insight from the brightest in SaaS north of the border. From a networking standpoint, we have current integrations with a half dozen speakers and this event presents a great opportunity for face-to-face introductions. An opportunity to meet with the Salesforce team is of our utmost interest, as the Marketing Cloud is likely on the brink of absorbing similar/complimentary functionality to the tools the Candid team has been mastering since 2012.

  12. Avatarsays: Fred Laforge

    I think these types of conferences are important so we get out of our little bubble and see how the world goes, meet new people and open our minds. Very similar to how traveling opens our minds 🙂

  13. Avatarsays: Ed Bilat

    Last week I had a pleasure of attending keynote meeting with Jason Flick- Co-Founder CEO at Youi Labs. Jason specifically sited SaaS North as a pivotal event for the technology future of our capital- Ottawa. I would love the opportunity to strengthen SaaS eco system and meet with Salesforce team- we have been using this tool for the last 13 years , interested in learning new Marketing automation tool. Thank you! Ed

  14. Avatarsays: Issam Al-Dalati

    I am interested in meeting new people and learn from them different perspectives and lessons about different parts of SaaS technologies and services.

  15. Avatarsays: David Griffin

    Very much looking forward to the conference. It’s a great line-up. Our sales forecasting product works with Salesforce and stops people resorting to spreadsheets to run their forecast. I would greatly appreciate some time with Salesforce to see if there is an opportunity to collaborate in enterprise accounts.

  16. Avatarsays: Miriahm Dong

    Networking and learning from lessons learned and best practices; maybe it is time for us to switch to Salesforce.

  17. Avatarsays: Sue Roseman

    SaaS installations are often installed and working in a fraction of the time of on-premises deployments—some can be ready in hours. Thus the saving in time and energy!! Interested in learning how companies large and small transition towards a SaaS solution.

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