Region of Waterloo to implement eleven-x’s WIU-X water monitoring solution

Public low-power IoT network operator eleven-x Inc. has announced that the Region of Waterloo will be deploying eleven-x’s WIU-X water level and temperature monitoring solution for application across the Region’s water well infrastructure.

The deployment comes at the conclusion of a successful pilot program that included the integration of the WIU-X interface with several of the Region’s current dataloggers tracking its monitoring and production wells.

“The pilot program highlighted the improvements that this solution can bring to our service. Having access to accurate and timely data in our monitoring wells and the information it offers us improves the management of this key resource,” said Nancy Kodousek, Director of Water Services at the Region of Waterloo. “The eleven-x solution reduces our operating costs and provides timely access to our groundwater monitoring data. Knowing what is happening on an hourly basis enables us to optimize this program and the supply of drinking water.”

The result for the Region is streamlined operations including real-time well water data being collected and communicated automatically on an hourly basis. Previously, the Region paid to have the data collected manually on a quarterly basis. Additionally, WIU-X provides event-driven real-time alerts based on predetermined parameters, such as significant level fluctuations.

“Water supply is a key resource for all cities and municipalities in Canada. Efficiently monitoring that water supply is a key requirement to ensure the continued sustainability of that resource. Being able to provide a solution to provide fast and accurate data to optimize this process for municipalities is something that we are very proud of,” said Dan Mathers, president and CEO of eleven-x.

Moving forward, the integration of eleven-x’s WIU-X interface with the Region’s current dataloggers used in their production and monitoring wells will provide wireless connectivity to the Region’s instruments.

Caitlin Hotchkiss

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