PwC Canada selects Calgary’s TerraHub for its blockchain delivery arm


TerraHub, a private blockchain and artificial intelligence startup based in Calgary, has been selected to act as the blockchain delivery arm of PwC Canada.

Through this partnership, TerraHub will assist PwC Canada in deploying blockchain solutions and also support various enterprise customer engagements. The startup will begin working with PwC on Western Canada’s oil and gas industry, and has already begun delivering a blockchain solution to a group of PwC clients.

“This provides us [with] an important entry into a number of enterprise clients.”

“This joint business relationship with PwC is extremely important for TerraHub,” said Dan Giurescu, CEO of TerraHub. “This provides us [with] an important entry into a number of enterprise clients. We are excited to be working with PwC to help them lead their customers on their digital journey.”

TerraHub works on blockchain solutions and education in the energy, construction, utilities, and recycling sectors in North America. The company’s methodology for building blockchain products, called “Going from Hype to Happening,” takes the customer through education, idea creation, and prototyping. Through this partnership with PwC Canada, TerraHub said its approach is expected to see further adoption.

“We worked closely with TerraHub and a select group of companies to identify key business processes that were ready to be reimagined and revamped through blockchain,” said Jason Bergeron, digital energy partner at PwC Canada. “The first product created through the partnership is a shared, trusted and permanent record of inter-company transactions. Data is immutable and can be traced, audited, and recorded by all relevant parties. It drives efficiency and automation, which ultimately leads to cost reductions for our customers.”

Founded in 2017, TerraHub has developed a product called Sync, a universal platform for improving vendor compliance and certification, accounting auditing, and human decision-making. It connects core business functions and systems within a private, intelligent network, allowing each stakeholder to view the information needed to conduct, approve, or reject a business transaction.

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The startup also works in the education sphere of blockchain, running a shared “CoLab” experience for blockchain and AI business acceleration at Platform Calgary. The TerraHub CoLab provides educational programming, prototype-building capabilities, and connections to local technical talent and business resources.

“TerraHub has been working with government, post-secondary institutions, and startups to help determine the most impactful type of businesses that Calgary and Alberta need,” said Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary Economic Development. “Dan has brought together key community stakeholders to collaborate on teaching and launching blockchain technology to use it as a tool in attracting business investment in Calgary.”

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