BetaKit & Good Future Partnership FAQ

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, BetaKit announced a strategic partnership with Good Future to fuel the growth of Canada’s leading startup and technology publication.

Will this change how I get my tech news?

No. We will continue to report on the Canadian startup and technology ecosystem from within the ecosystem, providing trusted and accessible business journalism through our website, newsletters, podcasts, videos, events, and more.

However, this partnership will accelerate the growth of our editorial and business teams from coast to coast, leading to enhanced editorial offerings, subscriber benefits, and community initiatives to better serve the Canadian tech ecosystem.

Is BetaKit still independent?

Yes. This partnership reinforces both BetaKit’s position as Canada’s leading independent startup and technology publication. Our editorial division will continue to operate under the leadership of editor-in-chief Douglas Soltys, and a new Editorial Advisory Board will also be established to maintain and enhance BetaKit’s editorial integrity.

Continuing BetaKit’s longstanding policy, this partnership in no way guarantees Good Future or its portfolio investments coverage in the publication, favourable or otherwise.

What will be different at BetaKit?

Over the coming year, we will be working on many new exciting updates to better serve you, our reader. This means more staff in tech hubs across the country, more long-form content, and more news products you’ve told us you want.

What is Good Future?

Good Future is a family office founded by Arati Sharma and Satish Kanwar in Toronto, Canada, Good Future is building a multidisciplinary community of entrepreneurs bonded by the desire to have a positive-sum impact on the world. Good Future’s work includes a micro venture fund, a philanthropic foundation, and majority-owned businesses.

What will Good Future’s role be at BetaKit?

Through this partnership, Good Future will support the advancement of BetaKit’s business and inject capital as the new majority shareholder. Satish Kanwar will take the position of interim CEO and chair of our board of directors, focused on our business division. Arati Sharma will join our group of business advisors to support the future brand direction.

What is the Editorial Advisory Board?

The Editorial Advisory Board will be made up of independent advisors that will enhance and reinforce BetaKit’s editorial integrity, standards, and process.

Who sits on the Board of Directors?

Satish Kanwar will be joining Douglas Soltys on BetaKit’s board of directors as chair. BetaKit will also be adding an additional independent director to the board in the future.