Indochino launches wedding planner platform for grooms


Vancouver-based Indochino, which creates made-to-measure suits through its ecommerce platform, has made the unsurprising move towards become a destination for those planning weddings. The company announced that it’s launched Wedding Planner, a multi-person ordering platform for grooms.

Using the platform, the groom can pre-select suit fabrics, identify customization choices, and set payment options for each member of his wedding party. The shared dashboard allows the groom and groomsmen to individually enter their measurements, select custom options, and initiate their individual orders. To keep the wedding party organized, the dashboard displays the status of each order, and allows the group to leave comments and track delivery and shipping information.

“A made to measure suit involves taking measurements, selecting a fabric and choosing customizations – extending this to a wedding party who all require coordinated outfits for a specific date can often be very challenging,” said Indochino CEO Drew Green. “Giving couples the ability to easily choose and track everyone’s order reduces stress and helps ensure everyone looks their best for the big day.”


As part of the launch, Indochino has pledged to suit up 25,000 grooms for free in 2016. Any groom whose wedding party of four or more groomsmen uses the platform will receive his own made to measure suit free of charge.

“The Wedding Planner is a big e-commerce breakthrough. No company has ever built a tool that can accommodate the variables of managing the uniqueness of made to measure, individual customization preferences and multiple payment options,” said Clay Haeber, VP Technology at Indochino. “This technology demonstrates our commitment to developing solutions that enhance the experience of our customers.”

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