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BlueRock Therapeutics remains committed to Toronto following $1 billion USD acquisition(BETAKIT)

Toronto has been a major part of the company’s operations, and according to Emile Nuwaysir, president and CEO of BlueRock, it has no plans of leaving the city following the acquisition.

Sperm storage startups are raising millions(TECHCRUNCH)

A number of startups are bringing technology and innovation to the fertility industry, with a growing few focused specifically on male fertility.

Four Manitoba-based life sciences projects receive $5.9 million from federal government(BETAKIT)

Four Manitoba-based startups are receiving a combined $5.9 million from the federal government to support future growth opportunities in the life sciences startup sector.

Women’s health startup Genneve lands $4M to grow telemedicine service for menopause(GEEKWIRE)

Maven Ventures and Startup Health also invested in the round, which brought the startup’s total funding to date to $5.3 million.

Canadians want innovative healthtech, but worry about slow adoption(BETAKIT)

The majority of Canadians are wanting a more tech-driven healthcare system, but not all of them are confident about Canada’s ability to adopt virtual care.

Iterative Scopes, an MIT healthcare startup, raises the standard of cancer treatment(FORBES)

Iterative Scopes recently completed MIT’s Delta V, the school’s startup accelerator. The startup has raised a total of $6M to improve the cancer outcomes of colon cancer by improving traditional detection methods.

BlueDot announces second Series A round, this time worth $9.2 million CAD(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based healthtech startup, BlueDot, which builds solutions that aim to track, contextualize, and anticipate infectious disease risks, has raised $9.2 million CAD ($7 million USD).

The UK’s National Health Service is launching an AI lab(TECHCRUNCH)

The UK government has announced it’s rerouting £250M (~$300M) in public funds for the country’s National Health Service (NHS) to set up an artificial intelligence lab that will work to expand the use of AI technologies within the service.

Forging a path for healthtech in Canada means getting all stakeholders on the same page(BETAKIT)

It’s obvious that there’s massive potential for technology companies to improve Canada’s healthcare system. Yet there are many reasons why it’s been difficult to reach the critical mass necessary to change processes—and mindsets—around how Canada delivers healthcare.

DNAstack to co-develop precision health platform through Digital Technology Supercluster(BETAKIT)

The team is building a new software platform that will make it easier for healthcare organizations, academic researchers, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies, to harness exponentially growing volumes of genomic and biomedical data.


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