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Toronto venture funding in Q3 rebounds following disappointing first half of 2020 (BETAKIT)

The GTA, which lagged behind several ecosystems and failed to contribute much to Canada’s record funding Q2 2020, showed signs of a rebound in Q3 2020.


Pivoting for Greater Success with 7shifts Founder Jordan Boesch

Not many startups would have the nerve to walk away from two-thirds of their customers. But 7shifts founder Jordan Boesch realized the secret to greater success is focusing on who you’re solving a pain point for.

On the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast series, we learn how he turned a chaotic restaurant scheduling system of Post-It Notes and white-out into one of the most successful human resources software systems in the world.

AstraZeneca manufacturing error clouds vaccine study results (AP NEWS)

AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged a manufacturing error that is raising questions about preliminary results of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Mental health benefits startup Spring Health raises $76 million (MED CITY NEWS)

Spring Health, a startup that offers mental health services as an employee benefit, raised $75 million in funding. The New York-based startup matches employees with therapy and other mental health services.

BC venture deal volume dropped to new low in Q3, but total funding shows a healthy ecosystem (BETAKIT)

Startups in the BC region raised a total of $287 million over Q3 2020, a 26 percent decrease from the previous quarter.

Biotech startup investments explode, but big investors fret about assault on drug prices (FINANCIAL POST)

Who would have thought stink bombs and deadly exhaust fumes would be on the cutting edge of medicine.

US Fertility says patient data was stolen in a ransomware attack (TECHCRUNCH)

U.S. Fertility, one of the largest networks of fertility clinics in the United States, has confirmed it was hit by a ransomware attack and that data was taken.

Expensify CEO David Barrett on why startup founders should ignore the ‘experts’ (BETAKIT)

Expensify CEO David Barrett explained why he ignored experts to build his company for profit, not venture capital growth, on the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast.

Well Health pulls in $45M and welcomes a new senior vice president (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

With these funds, Well Health has now raised $75 million since its founding in 2015.

The frustrating reason why your therapist may have to break up with you (FAST COMPANY)

Laws that dictate where therapists can practice were put on hold during the pandemic, allowing for an explosion of teletherapy. But with rules changing, mental health practitioners are wary that they may lose their licenses.

Applications open for new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (BETAKIT)

Applications for the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) officially opened as of Monday, November 23.

Elizabeth Holmes prosecutors say texts show Theranos beset with problems (BLOOMBERG)

U.S. prosecutors say texts between Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes and the former president of the company show they harbored deep doubts about its core technology even as they promised a revolutionary breakthrough in blood testing.

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