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Federal government allocates $306 million to Indigenous businesses during COVID-19 pandemic(BETAKIT)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Saturday that the federal government is allocating $306 million to Indigenous businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Using AI, Yes Health cuts costs, improves adherence for weight loss and diabetes treatment(TECHCRUNCH)

The company’s technology automates patient’s reporting requirements by allowing them to take a picture of their meals rather than entering their daily food intake into a system.

Inkblot Therapy raises additional $700,000, bringing private placement to $1.7 million CAD(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based Inkblot Therapy has raised an additional $700,000 CAD for the second tranche of its private placement, bringing the total raised to $1.7 million.

U of T precision medicine initiative launches task force to fight COVID-19(UTORONTO)

The University of Toronto’s precision medicine research initiative, PRiME, has launched a new task force mobilizing research to tackle the immense challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shopify challenges its partners to build an app that helps entrepreneurs during COVID-19(BETAKIT)

Shopify has launched a new initiative that challenges teams within its partner network to build an app that helps businesses adapt and grow online.

Coronavirus disproportionately hurts minorities. So could contact tracing.(ONEZERO)

Apple and Google’s proposed technology alerts those who have come in contact with coronavirus. The cost of this surveillance won’t be borne equally.

Software engineers create online tool to help companies find available government COVID-19 relief(BETAKIT)

A group of software engineers has created an online resource to help people identify which of the 15 government COVID-19 relief programs they are eligible for.

GE Healthcare and Microsoft are bringing a COVID-19 patient monitoring tool to health systems(TECHCRUNCH)

GE Healthcare is extending its longtime collaboration with Microsoft to launch a cloud-based COVID-19 patient monitoring software for health systems.

Health Canada expedites approval of 1QBit chest radiography AI tool to help fight COVID-19(BETAKIT)

1QBit xrAI is the company’s first healthcare product, and it received Health Canada approval in just one week after its finishing clinical trials.

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