HGTV Host Bryan Baeumler launches Baeumler Reminders, a Mobile App Helping Property Owners Protect their Biggest Investment

Bryan Baeumler, the popular TV Host of multiple shows on HGTV and Toronto-based Fat Dog Media announced the launch of Baeumler Reminders, a mobile app which reminds property owners of the large and small tasks which need to be done around the home.

“We have looked at many mobile app ideas over the years but when we visualized Baeumler Reminders, we really felt this was an app which can really offer the user some great utility. For many, the home is the greatest single investment a person will make but we often neglect taking care of it as we should. With Baeumler Reminders, everything is at your fingertips,” said Baeumler. “The next version of the app will also allow users to receive discounts, deals and promotions directly to their device as well. Homeownership is expensive enough so being able to save a few dollars is always helpful.”

The mobile app allows property owners to set reminders for everything from furnace filter changes to duct cleaning to outdoor maintenance. App users can set reminders and even make notes on the tradespeople and services they used and if they would use them again.

Nigel Da Costa of Fat Dog Media stated that “Replacing my furnace filter on time and even remembering the size of the filter had become an on-going issue in our house… so we decided to create an app which would help not only help with this but with all the chores and duties I need to perform as a homeowner. Being a fan of Bryan’s I realized working with one of the most respected homebuilders in Canada would help create an a powerful app which everyone can use and benefit from.”

Baeumler Reminders is currently available in the Apple’s App Store with the Android version scheduled for launch in mid 2014. Also scheduled for 2014 Is a version for cottage and rental property owners.

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