Here’s a list of all the Startupfest afterparties

Summer camp for Canadian tech now has a full list of extracurricular activities.

The team that pulled together a community-submitted list of all the events surrounding Collision conference in Toronto has done the same for Startupfest in Montréal.

Erdos Ventures founder Michael Liu, who with Aceocial (formerly AceDAO) and TechTO created the Collision afterparties list, have teamed up with Montréal-based non-profit MTL NewTech to highlight local events that coincide with Startupfest, which takes place from July 12 to 14.

By press time, the Startupfest afterparty list features 19 events.

Compiled in this Google Sheets file, the list features a variety of activities surrounding Startupfest, including parties, networking opportunities, and at least one breakfast. By press time, the list features 19 events.

Some of the events on the list are completely free, or can be attended without a Startupfest pass. Others require tickets to be purchased or are invite-only.

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This year’s Startupfest features more Premium Fests, Investor Match-Ups, fan-favourite Grandma judges, and over $300,000 in prizes for startups.

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Charlize Alcaraz

Charlize Alcaraz

Charlize Alcaraz is a staff writer for BetaKit.

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