Healthtech company Dapasoft & cybersecurity consultancy iSecurity merge


Dapasoft, a healthtech iPaaS (integration-platform-as-a-service) company announced that it has merged with iSecurity, a privacy and security consulting company.

Both Toronto-based companies will continue to operate separately in their respective areas of expertise, but will “combine business strengths to complement each other’s areas of knowledge.”

“Healthcare is a highly regulated, complex vertical…we offer the industry a unique offering.”

“Joining with Dapasoft gives iSecurity and our customers the best of both worlds, extending our reach and bolstering our bench strength,” said Kees Pouw a partner at iSecurity. “The Dapasoft team provides access to expertise in cloud development and artificial intelligence, while we develop advanced threat detection solutions in cybersecurity.”

Dapasoft has created two platforms for small and large healthcare providers. It touts itself as “pioneering the future of healthcare apps and data interoperability” by helping legacy health IT systems and SaaS apps work together. iSecurity, is a privacy and security consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk management, and general enterprise security.

Both companies said the merger will benefit clients looking for a cloud integration platform that comes with cybersecurity and DevSecOps (the philosophy of integrating security practices within DevOps) advisory services across multiple verticals.

Dapasoft and iSecurity will be working on Dapasoft’s Corolar Cloud, an iPaaS that uses Microsoft Azure for healthcare data ingestion and healthcare application integration.

“Healthcare is a highly regulated and complex vertical,” said Michael Lonsway, president at Dapasoft. “Together we offer the industry a unique, full-service offering for cloud migration, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, and cloud privacy and security solutions.”

iSecurity plans to continue expanding across verticals including finance, critical infrastructure, retail, and healthcare. Both companies said they aim to provide cybersecurity and DevSecOps services to healthcare institutions in North America.

“Protection of assets is a key concern for many organizations as the threat landscape evolves,” said Raheel Qureshi a partner at iSecurity. “We’ve partnered with Dapasoft on many successful engagements already, and share a vision and passion for providing exceptional expertise to our clients.”

Dapasoft and iSecurity have collaborated together in the past. The companies have worked for BORN Ontario, an organization that collects and analyzes data regarding birth and pregnancy in the province. BORN uses Corolar Cloud to access analytic tools to follow trends in pregnancy.

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