Halifax Startup Fundmetric is Headed to the Google for Entrepreneurs Program

Halifax’s Fundmetric is heading to Waterloo.

The Chronicle Herald reported that the startup that helps charities tap into a bigger donor base has been accepted into the Google for Entrepreneurs program in the Kitchener/Waterloo region.

Cofounded by Dalhousie graduates Mark Hobbs and Chris Kolmatycki, the business is “getting pushed into high-gear this fall,” after the announcement came Wednesday. “‘Things have been happening very quickly since we received word,’ Hobbs said in an interview,” Hobbs told the newspaper.

The company created a subscriber-based, cloud-computing technology that uses predictive and analytic algorithms to allow charities to increase donations and manage donations.

Hobbs told the Chronicle Herald that the selection process was “extremely competitive ” and they’re one of five Canadian startups selected to participate.

Formerly the team took part in Halifax’s Volta Labs.

“Volta really helped us bring all this together and got us to the point where we had a solid product in users’ hands,” Hobbs told the paper.

The pair also made it no secret that it wants to expand it’s client base south of the border. That’s where most of the high-powered (and high-valued) charities are, compared to Canada. “Working with Google is a tremendous opportunity and our plan is to build our market while operating from Halifax,” Hobbs told the Chronicle Herald.



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