Hack To Start EP.171: Livefyre founder Jordan Kretchmer

Hack to Start

Jordan Kretchmer is the Founder & CEO of Livefyre, which was acquired by Adobe in 2016, where he is now a Senior Director continuing to scale the Livefyre solution within the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Before starting Livefyre, Jordan worked for a few agencies as a Creative Director. He then joined Current.TV – a media platform backed by Al Gore – and saw the coming rise of user-generated content.

In 2009, he left Current to start Livefyre. As a designer, Jordan created highly realistic mockups of the product he envisioned, but it took several more months before the first version launched.

Livefyre raised over $52M in funding and grew to over 150 employees by the time it was acquired by Adobe in 2016.

Jordan joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, the challenges involved in building Livefyre, especially in the early days, how founders need to approach product development, what it’s now like being a part of Adobe, and much more.

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