Google opens first Stadia game development studio in Montreal

Google has announced that its first-ever Stadia Games and Entertainment studio has opened in Montreal. The studio will focus on creating exclusive content for Google’s Stadia game streaming service.

Montreal native Jade Raymond will oversee the studio as part of her larger role as the head of Google’s Stadia Games and Entertainment. The division is responsible for creating new games for Stadia and supporting other developers bringing their titles to the platform.

Google is gearing up to launch Stadia in Canada, and 13 other countries, on November 19.

Raymond has been a major player in the Canadian game development scene, having served as a producer on Ubisoft Montreal’s first two Assassin’s Creed games and founding Ubisoft Toronto. Raymond later worked at Electronic Arts’ Montreal-based Motive Studio, which developed the campaign for 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II.

It makes sense that Google would choose Montreal for its first development studio, given that the province offers up to 37.5 percent in tax incentives to game developers. That’s why major companies like Ubisoft and EA, as well as fellow publishing giants like Square Enix and Warner Bros., all have studios in the province.

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The gaming industry also plays a major role in the broader Canadian economy, with a 2017 report by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) indicating that Canada’s gaming industry contributes $3.7 billion to the country’s GDP.

So far, little is known about the Stadia Games and Entertainment studio. Google is currently hiring for a variety of positions on its website, including roles in animation, programming, research and concept art.

For now, though, Google is gearing up to launch Stadia in Canada, and 13 other countries, on November 19. However, not everyone will be able to play on launch day, depending on when they pre-ordered Stadia.

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