Google and Communitech To Give Away Six Months of Office Space

Communitech Tannery

No matter what level of business you’re at, office space is expensive. Sure, one can coast along for years working out of their kitchen or on the coach, but there comes a time when a bit more professionalism is needed.

Google and Communitech are looking to help one lucky recipient in this regard. The two have come together to offer the chance to score a free startup tenancy for six months in the Google space at the Communitech Hub in Waterloo. The fine print notes that “tenancy is open concept with a capacity of 2 employees per company at a time.”

Six months is enough time to get a solid foot in the door and expand your business, and perhaps even receive funding.

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Apart from saving a few bucks and boosting creativity, the other perks include the option of receiving advisory services from Google experts, “potential business opportunities with Google,” a guaranteed spot in the Communitech Startup Services Group’s new Fundamentals Program and a further chance to apply for global Google pitch competitions.

Those interested should apply by August 8th and to qualify your startup must be doing the following:

  • Building on a Google platform, including Android, Chrome, Cloud, Maps or YouTube; or
  • Porting your existing iOS or BlackBerry app version to a Google platform
  • Able to succinctly explain company; co-founders’ backgrounds; product; and market fit to investors, Google product experts and others in the Waterloo Region technology community

Check out all the details here.


Ian Hardy

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