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Kik’s Ted Livingston says harsh regulations can stifle cryptocurrency innovation at Bitcoin & Ethereum Summit

The event touched on the basics of understanding cryptocurrency, and how to foster the industry in Canada.


STACK RECOMMENDS: It’s the Canadian way to pay too much for financial products

“Not shopping around for financial products can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. So why are Canadians so reluctant to explore alternatives? Rob Carrick explains.”
– Miro Pavletic, CEO and co-founder of STACK


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Blockstack announces $25 million fund to rebuild the internet for a blockchain world

Investors in the fund include VC firms Lux Capital, Rising Tide, Compound, OpenOcean, and VersionOne.


Toronto-based Plooto now allows Canadian small businesses to process payments internationally

“Businesses operate in a global economy, yet one of the biggest pain points for SMBs is the cost around international payments,” said Plooto founder Hamed Abassi.


Norwegian banks and startups form FinTech cluster

More than 20 banks and tech companies in Bergen have aligned to create a FinTech hub to push a global innovation agenda amid growing collaboration between banks and startups in Norway.


Goldmoney reports first quarterly profit of $3.3 million, plans to open physical branch in Toronto

Goldmoney reported an adjusted profit of $3.3 million and an IFRS profit of $2 million.


Digital pocket money startup Spriggy secures A$2.5 million funding

The funding was led by Alium Capital, with participation from Perle Ventures, and several high-net worth individuals.


CIBC buys PC Financial, plans to rebrand to Simplii Financial

The Loblaw Group and CIBC have announced an end to their PC Financial banking partnership.


PayPal to open innovation labs in India

PayPal will open two innovation labs in India to tap into the local talent pool and the country’s expertise in AI, data science, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.


After launching fully-compliant ICO, impak Finance hopes to be a model for regulators worldwide

The company says it’s the first “legal” cryptocurrency sale in Canada, having passed all national regulatory requirements.


Moneytis is like a travel fare aggregator, but for sending money abroad

If you don’t care too much about loyalty programs, chances are that you’ve been relying on platforms like Booking.com and Expedia to find the cheapest flights and hotel rooms. Moneytis wants to do the exact same thing, but for foreign exchange services.


Transferwise launches borderless bank account in Canada

The Borderless account also allows users to convert the money in their accounts into 27 different currencies.

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Amira Zubairi

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