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Former Koho CTO, head of Uber Money launch new FinTech startup with $15.8 million CAD seed round (BETAKIT)

Synctera is co-founded by Peter Hazlehurst, former head Uber Money, & Koho CTO Kris Hansen, and backed by notable investors like Diagram Ventures, Max Levchin.


Why San Francisco-based VC Hustle Fund Is Betting Big on Canada

“At Hustle Fund, we’re convinced that Canada is positioned well to produce some of the largest, category-defining companies on the planet. We’re eager to fund these companies, and excited to partner with Hockeystick to identify these opportunities!” – Eric Bahn (General Partner)

Since launch, Hockeystick has made over 6000 funder recommendations to Canadian startups. Learn how startups are using technology to meet funders around the world.

Revolut, Europe’s $5.5 billion digital bank, quietly broke even in November (CNBC)

Revolut’s revenues dipped 40% in the early days of the pandemic but are now 50% ahead compared to pre-COVID levels.

Pilots over pitches: how to accelerate growth through corporate-startup collaboration (BETAKIT)

Highline Beta CEO Marcus Daniels argues that the “always be pitching” mantra is the wrong one for startups looking to scale.

Vancouver-based FinTech Progressa, once readying for IPO, files for creditor protection instead (THE LOGIC)

Vancouver-based Progressa, an alternative lender, filed under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act in late September, with court documents showing it owed tens of millions and required an immediate infusion of money.

AppDirect megadeal casts long shadow over Montréal startup funding in Q3 2020 (BETAKIT)

Montréal’s tech funding dipped in the third quarter of 2020, propped up by one megadeal into a locally-born but now US-headquartered e-commerce startup.

Facebook faces lawsuit over crypto project’s new name (SIFTED)

Finance app Diem is threatening to sue Facebook and its partners for copying the name, telling Sifted it is preparing to take action.

Solactive, a German FinTech, takes a $60.4M growth investment from Summit Partners (TECHCRUNCH)

Widely regarded as something of a disruptor in the global indexing industry, Solactive is benefitting from the ongoing and significant shift of active to passive investment strategies.

Will a COVID-19 vaccine inoculate FinTech startups or lead to their demise? (FORBES)

Although it may seem counterintuitive given the economic uncertainty, 2020 was a banner year for such startup businesses. The big question now is whether they will continue to thrive.

PayPal-backed FinTech start-up Tink valued at more than $800 million after fresh funding (CNBC)

Tink’s open banking platform aggregates data from thousands of banks, allowing developers to build new financial products.

Today in Hires: Xero, Wealthsimple, Alida, Tucows, AppDynamics (BETAKIT)

Five organizations have brought on new team members, including AppDynamics, Alida, Wealthsimple, Tucows and Ting Internet, and Xero.

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