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Canadian banks vs. FinTechs: a zero-sum game?(BETAKIT)

Banks have been marked as the public’s most wanted for disruption – but is it that easy for FinTech to take over?

Everything you need to know about drafting a will(WEALTHSIMPLE)

It’s easy, it’s smart, and it’s more about taking care of the people you love than it is about you. Here’s how to do it. (sponsored)

Small business loan platform Lendified secures $20 million credit facility(BETAKIT)

The financial services company also announced the close of a further $4 million in mezzanine financing through a private placement.

Three quarters of US retailers plan to accept Apple Pay before 2018(NFC WORLD)

Only a couple more years until an even wider adoption of Apple Pay – but which other mobile payment options are losing steam?

FinTech fundings: 26 companies raised $530 million third week of July(FINOVATE)

The summer month is a huge leap forward for FinTech, particularly alt-lenders.

When banking meets the Internet of Things(FINEXTRA)

Pushed by the twin drivers of heightened customer and regulatory demand, the IoT is serving to transform the industry from the inside out.

Funding to venture capital backed FinTech startups halves in Q2(FINANCEMAGNATES)

Amid a tougher climate, investment to VC-backed fintech startups has fallen by 49 percent.

Millennials’ distrust of banks is spawning a new breed of startups(BUSINESSINSIDER)

The 2008 financial crisis is still having an effect today, particularly on millennials who feel that technology is more trustworthy.

FinTech bubble? What FinTech bubble?(TECHCENTRAL)

European banks are acquiring mobile-savvy FinTech start-ups rather than building their own – but will it gain them any ground?

Apple claims early victory in skirmish with Australian banks(FINEXTRA)

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission needs more time to decide if Australian banks have a valid argument against Apple Pay.

Banks vs. bots(FORBES)

Here’s why banks cutting off access to aggregators is akin to Facebook deciding one day that users cannot download any of their own photos.

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