FreshGigs starts accepting Bitcoin as payment for Canadian job postings

Bitcoin has gained a great deal of press as several companies and non-profits have started to accept the digital currency. In additon, new Bitcoin ATMs, or a BTMs, have popped up in Toronto and Montreal. Still, people are nervous and governments are unsure if it has a viable future

If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Michael Perklin, director of Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, has a solid description for it: “Bitcoin is unlike anything that came before it. It is the most popular digital crypto-currency today with some properties similar to stocks and bonds, gold and Canadian dollar. The unit fluctuates in price and can zip around from one person to another – like cash teleported. It can be given to someone immediately and can’t be reversed. But the true value of Bitcoin is in the extremely resilient distributed network, where payments get processed and verified. Unlike a wire transfer, there’s no bank and
nobody like PayPal or Visa in the middle to charge you a big fee.”


Many online businesses have started to accept Bitcoin currency as payments for good or services, such as TigerDirect, Zynga and The latest is Canadian jobsite What could be a good PR move, or forward thinking, FreshGigs states they are the first to accept payment in Bitcoin from employers posting jobs. Now companies can either pay with Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal

A job posting is usually $225. A posting with Bitcoin, which will fluctuate, is currently priced at 0.2649 BTC = 236.25 CAD (1 BTC = 891.8690 CAD).


Ian Hardy

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